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Lumia 5.1 - 100w Full Spectrum 5 Channel LED

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**Update** We are out of stock of this LED.  Alternative reef version can be found here:  CREE Lumia 5.2 - 70w Full Spectrum 5 Channel CREE LED

This exclusive LED, the Lumia 5.1,  is perfect if you want a simple yet powerful way to setup your LED lighting.

Lumia, meaning art created with light, brings a full spectrum light to your corals/fish that really brings the colors and beauty out in them with an emphasis on keeping power consumption low.

We have taken our experiencing in designing fixtures for commercial and DIY customers and developed a chip that delivers a full spectrum punch with a small footprint on a solid copper board (tin plated) designed to out perform other LEDs in its class.

Expect to use only 1 of these high performance LEDs per 24x24x24 area in most scenarios.

Each channel is individually addressable (they can be individually dimmed) so you can adjust the perfect color for your tank.


Layout of plants version:

Channel 1 - Warm White  3200K (growth spectrum) (36V @ 700mA)

Channel 2 - Cool White  6500K (base white spectrum) (36V @ 700mA)

Channel 3 - Deep Red / Royal Blue (enhanced growth and color) (33V @ 700mA)

Channel 4 - Cool White 6500K (base white spectrum) (36V @ 700mA)

Channel 5 - Warm White 3200K (growth spectrum) (36V @ 700mA)


This full spectrum LED chip is designed with exclusive Exotic LEDs.  Its also designed to fit perfectly on your MakersLED Heatsink


Q:  Why is there 660nm (Deep Red) on the chip?

A:  We have done a lot of research to identify the best combination of wavelengths to provide growth and overall color.  In the past, it was just about putting royal blue and cool white into a 1:1 mix which provided good growth.  Our tests show adding the 660nm Deep Red combined with 470nm Cool Blue and 495nm Turquoise provides a “white light” that is very crisp (you do not see red).  Not only does it brighten the tank but it also excites different colors in corals.  The immediate thing most of our customers notice is that right away their corals start showing colors they had never seen before in standard lighting (oranges and reds).  Why live in the past when you have access to the future of LEDs?

Q:  What do I need to power the Lumia?

A:  There are several different ways to power the Lumia.  Some standard ways are covered in the arcticle located:  http://ledgroupbuy.zendesk.com/entries/24847592-What-do-I-need-to-power-the-Lumia-5-1-LED

Q:  Why should I choose the Lumia?

A:  We take pride in making sure our customers get the best performance at the lowest cost. The LEDs we implement in the Lumia are of the top grade and some are only available from LEDgroupbuy such as the violet strings. In most cases, they will outlast your tank. Don't settle for sub par LEDs that will only last a couple months. 




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There are 12 review(s) for Lumia 5.1 - 100w Full Spectrum 5 Channel LED

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  • Beautiful LED Array

    by Daniel – 17th Jan 2014

    I've hade a couple of these for a while now.

    They're wonderful boards in their simplicity yet very powerful.

    The look is gorgeous. A nice crisp white so I see the color of the coral not just the fluorescing proteins.

  • Excellent performance, easiest setup, recommended for all DIY'ers

    by Hugo S. – 11th Dec 2013

    I was able to install, wire and test the lights in a short time, the leads were nice and long. Running 2 of these on a 24" MakersLED kit with a Storm-X PWM controller with all 5 channels combined across the two Lumias and each channel controlled separately. Runs a lot cooler than expected. Very bright and color is spot on. If you run more than one chip, you can do cloud/storm and it will look fine. I'm really surprised that commercial LED vendors haven't integrated this gen into their fixtures.

  • Looks Fantastic

    by Steve – 6th Nov 2013

    Easy, clean and powerful setup. It has to the best LEDs for a reef tank money can buy right now. I got 200 PAR on the sandbed and 450 PAR at the top. Fantastic.

  • A quality full spectrum LED aquarium light

    by Rose – 17th Oct 2013

    I am 100% satisfied with this full spectrum LED aquarium light. Installation was very easy. The range of colors produced is essentially limitless! I love the flexibility offered by this product!

  • Quality LED aquarium lights!

    by Ed – 7th Oct 2013

    This is an excellent LED aquarium light source. The LED light really brightens up my aquarium and has it looking great. The controls are simple to use and effective. The full spectrum of color makes each of my reefs really pop. Excellent led light at a great price!

  • Awesome light

    by Unknown – 4th Oct 2013

    Overall I am extremely pleased with this light. I attached it to a large CPU heatsink and it turned out very well. I love how much it simplified and shortened the wiring time of the build and the smooth blending of the colors. The only downside is that the royal blues don't seem to give the green colors in the corals that florescent glow when they are on by themselves. But overall the color mix is fantastic so don't let that stop you. I used a coralux storm controller so I have a spare channel that I'm going to use for moon lighting to get that affect. Great product.

  • In a few words, please title your review

    by Your Name – 29th Sep 2013

    This is the best reef tank LED I have ever bought. It is so simple to set up. But it is so versatile and powerful. I couldn't be happier with it. I wish I had learned about this sooner!

  • Full Spectrum Reef Tank LED

    by Dennis – 9th Sep 2013

    This is an awesome product! It is the best Reef Tank LED out there. Having the full spectrum on one chip is great. I wish I had installed it sooner. It takes my tank to the next level.

  • I'm so happy with these LED aquarium lights

    by Ben – 29th Aug 2013

    I love these LED aquarium lights. They were such a great price. THey work so well! They are very efficient too. Best upgrade you can make to an aquarium in my opinion.

  • LED Aquarium Lights That Save On Power

    by Micah – 8th Aug 2013

    These LED aquarium lights are amazing. This does wonders for how my aquarium looks. These lights give a full spectrum of color. I love that this saves on power. I am definitely glad I decided to try these lights.

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