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How LED Aquarium Lights Can Help You Save Money


There is nothing more beautiful than a saltwater aquarium. Nothing can even come close to those incredible corals or colorful fish. The problem with a saltwater tank is that it can be pricey. Of course, many people don't purchase saltwater tanks because they are economical, but a lot of people don't realize how expensive they actually are to keep running. At LED Group Buy we can offer you a much more affordable alternative. Our LED aquarium lights can not only make your tank look a lot better, they can save you tons of money.

LED aquarium lights are fairly new, but they are quickly becoming a popular option among hobbyists because they are great for growing coral, bringing out colors in your aquarium, and saving you money. When you compare reef tank LEDs with traditional incandescent you can see just how much more efficient they are. LEDs are around 80% efficient, that means that only around 20% of the electrical energy is lost to heat. Incandescent lights are only around 20% efficient. LEDs also last a lot longer! If you use an LED continuously you will get around 100,000 hours of use, that is a whopping 11 years! An incandescent light will only last you for about 5,000 hours.

Just because you have a beautiful salt water aquarium, doesn't mean that you have to break the bank every month. Our reef tank LEDs give you a great way to have your cake and eat it too! Find out more and start shopping today by visiting our site