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Optics / Lens

  • Silicon lens / optic adhesive (high temperature) 45g
    This silicon adhesive is specially formulated for high temperature situation such as mounting lens / optics to LEDs. It comes in a 45g tube which is more than enough for mounting 60+ optics
  • Lumia optic / lens
    Lens specially designed to fit the Lumia 5.1 and the Lumia 5.2 Unscrew the lens to get a tighter light beam. Screw in the lens to get a wider light beam. You decide how you want your light to be projected. To mount...
  • CREE LED Optics / Lens
    Optics are an essential part of an LED lighting system.  Without them, the best LEDs on the market will not grow your corals properly.  The reason for this is that Optics (or lens) are designed to focus the light...
  • 3UP - XT-E Optic - 40 Degrees
    **Update** in stock ready to ship Designed and fitted for the 3UP XT-E 20mm star.  These optics are high grade with 3 feet that go into the small holes of the 20mm custom star. Use a tiny amount high temp silicon...