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  • MakersLED CONTROLLER - Sunrise / Sunset controller for MakersDRIVER
    The MakersCONTROLLER works in combination with MakersDRIVER(s) to create sunrise, sunset and other special effects throughout the day. Once the color ratios have been independently dialed in on...
  • Bluefish POWER DIMMER
    this product is designed to work with the Bluefish LED CONTROLLER - With Phone App The Bluefish Power Dimmer allows you to control many common LED strips.  The Power Dimmer is connected in-line, between the...
  • Lighting Controller DIY Breakout Board (2 Channel)
    For connection to DIY LED setups, you can use these breakout boards to make connection a snap.  A female 3.5mm audio jack accepts the control cable from the lighting controller.  Screw terminals allow easy...
  • Bluefish LED CONTROLLER - With Phone App
    Control your lighting from your phone or tablet!  Bluefish LED controller is an app-enabled (Android/iOS), Wi-Fi connected device that can control a multitude of lighting products. With Bluefish, you can even control...
  • Bluefish Mini Ribbon Cable Breakout
    You can use this ribbon cable to easily make connections between the Bluefish Mini LDD controller and your drivers.
  • Bluefish Mini LDD Controller
    -- For easy installation, pickup both the: Bluefish Mini Power Supply - Mini USB 5v 550mA  and Bluefish Mini Ribbon Cable Breakout Designed specifically for immensely popular Mean Well LDD-H drivers, the...