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Coralux 5UP LDD driver board

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Product Description

This is a fully assembled 5-channel PCB carrier board for the popular Meanwell LDD-H series of PWM constant current drivers. Use it to build up your custom drivers using the MeanWell LDD-H series of buck drivers. It can be configured to provide specific current capabilities (limits) for each channel such that it is perfectly suited to your setup. This is a perfect match for the 5-channel new Lumia 5.1 and CREE Lumia 5.2 LEDs. This board is commonly referred to as the "LDD 5up."

The design includes 10K pull-down resistors (pre-soldered to the PCB) to shut off the LED outputs if the PWM signal is disconnected (such as when a controller is reset). This avoids the common problem of having the LEDs go to 100% brightness when the controller is reset. Also includes all pre loaded terminal blocks and LDD quick mounts.  Plug and play with no soldering needed.

  • Board Dimensions: 4.3" x 2"
  • Mounting Holes: 4" x 1.7" Diameter 3mm
  • Pre-soldered 10K pull-down resistors on each channel
  • Pre-soldered terminal block
  • Pre-soldered LDD quick mounts
  • Compatible with Meanwell LDD-350H, LDD-500H, LDD-700H, LDD-1000H
  • 1-Yr Warranty
  • Does NOT include LDD drivers.
  • MeanWell LDD-H Series Datasheet
  • Does NOT include LDD drivers.  You can choose up to five here:  Meanwell Drivers  ("H" series only - Not "HW")
  • MeanWell LDD-H Series Datasheet


There are 7 review(s) for Coralux 5UP LDD driver board

  • Easy/Cheap way to drive high-power LEDs

    by Marc S – 4th Jan 2017

    Nice plug and play operation, easy to use PWM inputs.

  • see below

    by Unknown – 23rd May 2015

    Same as my last review, just below this one.

  • nice little board.

    by Unknown – 12th May 2015

    Great little board to keep all the drivers nicely in place. Makes wiring nice and easy.

  • Almost 100% satisfied

    by Randy – 6th Nov 2014

    The board itself is obviously well built, but the issue I have is with the "Quick Mounts", as others have stated. They are not all directly inline, causing an issue when pushing the LDD driver down to seat them, and it is a bit tricky to get them to seat..

    I bent a total of 6 driver pins trying to seat them into the mounts, luckily not snapping any of the driver pins off. If you try to move the mount a little, it almost feels as if the mount breaks free from the board... Hopefully none did.

    The mounts that did not pose any issue were pretty easy to push the driver pins into with a little finesse.

    I purchased these boards specifically because of the possibility of driver failure in the future (hopefully not), which being a quick mount would make it extremely easy to replace a faulty driver without having to disassemble anything.

  • Must-have for Meanwell drivers

    by Peter – 4th Oct 2014

    I can't recommend this product highly enough! Worth getting even if you have fewer than five drivers. It's a really great way of keeping wiring organised, and the PWM pull-down resistors mean that I don't have to implement them separately.

    Inserting the drivers was a little trickier than expected, but you should only have to do it once.

  • Combined with LDDH drivers makes the install simple

    by Don – 19th Mar 2014

    These things are great. Plug in the drivers, connect the leads for each string of LEDs to the bottom, the leads from the controller and DC power supply and you are off and running.

    The only thing you have to watch is when inserting the driver into the board, you have to be patient and not use too much force. If the pins on all 4 corners of the driver don't line up with the board, it can result in bent pins on the driver.

  • Great product

    by Chris – 29th Jan 2014

    Big winner here! If you plan to use LDD drivers you will want one of these. No soldering, quick connects, easily swap out drivers, drop down resistors on all channels. Can't beat it for ease of use.