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CREE Lumia 5.2 - 70w Full Spectrum 5 Channel CREE LED

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Product Description


This exclusive LED, the CREE Lumia 5.2,  is perfect if you want a simple yet powerful way to setup your LED lighting.

Lumia, meaning art created with light, brings a full spectrum light to your corals/fish that really brings the colors and beauty out in them with an emphasis on keeping power consumption low.

We have taken our experiencing in designing fixtures for commercial and DIY customers and developed a chip that delivers a full spectrum punch with a small footprint on a high end solid copper board designed to out perform other LEDs in its class.  The board itself has a strong role in this LEDs perfection by reducing the heat of the LEDs so quickly they can produce their highest amount of light and last a very long time.

Expect to use only 1-2 of these high performance LEDs per 24x24x24 area in most scenarios.

Each channel is individually addressable (they can be individually dimmed) so you can adjust the perfect color for your tank.



Channel 1 -  3 Hyper Violet and 2 CREE XT-E Royal Blue (Actinic channel) (18v @ 700mA)

Channel 2 - Royal Blue (base blue spectrum) (16.5V @ 1500mA)

Channel 3 - 3 XT-E Netural White and 2 XT-E Warm White (base white color) (16.5V @ 1500mA)

Channel 4 - Turquoise / CREE XPE2 Blue (enhanced color spectrum) (17.2V @ 700mA)

Channel 5 -  3 Hyper Violet and 2 CREE XT-E Royal Blue (Actinic channel) (18v @ 700mA)


This full spectrum LED chip is designed with exclusive Exotic LEDs.  Its also designed to fit perfectly on your MakersLED Heatsink


Q:  Why is there Warm White LEDs on the chip?

A:  We have done a lot of research to identify the best combination of wavelengths to provide growth and overall color.  In the past, it was just about putting royal blue and cool white into a 1:1 mix which provided good growth.  Our tests show adding more of a red spectrum (which is found in our Deep Red 660nm and Warm Whites) produces a better overall color and allows corals to really show their unique colors which would rarely show in a basic configuration?

Q:  Which connectors do I need?

A:  If you have one of these Lumia in series then you just need the "dual Molex connectors".  If you have 2 or more in series (usually it would only be two) then you need one of the "dual Molex connectors" and then one of the "Molex interconnects" per additional LED in series. 

Q:  What do I need to power the Lumia?

A:  There are several different ways to power the Lumia.  Some standard ways are covered in the arcticle located:  http://ledgroupbuy.zendesk.com/entries/24847592-What-do-I-need-to-power-the-Lumia-5-1-LED

Q:  Why should I choose the Lumia?

A:  We take pride in making sure our customers get the best performance at the lowest cost. The LEDs we implement in the Lumia are of the top grade and some are only available from LEDgroupbuy such as the violet strings. In most cases, they will outlast your tank. Don't settle for sub par LEDs that will only last a couple months. 

Q:  What is the difference between this LED and the original Lumia 5.1

A:  We have taken the original Lumia 5.1 and expanded on it by adding a range of High End CREE LEDs.  These CREE LEDs produce more light for less power.  For instance, you can power 2 of the CREE Lumia 5.2 with only 5 LDD drivers and 1 180w power supply.



CREE Lumia 5.2 spectral chart:




Product Videos

Lumia 5.2 Reef DIY LED with StormX controller (09:59)
6x Lumia 5.2 controlled by a StormX controller giving 16 channels of dimming, cloud and lighting effects. 70Watts each for a total of 420Watts total.
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Other Details

Specifications REEF:


There are 5 review(s) for CREE Lumia 5.2 - 70w Full Spectrum 5 Channel CREE LED

  • The best ever seen

    by Sascha – 14th Jan 2016

    Thanks Mikad for the excellent service. Thanks Groupbuy for the excellent quality of LED!. Extrem natural colors . Quality not to speak about. All fine

    Look the colors after filling the tank. Water was milky from the Sand


    After water was clear, whoww.

    Thanks again !

  • The best buy

    by Andre – 25th Nov 2014

    The Lumia 5.2 was definitely the best LED I ever bought !
    No comparison to the LED-Clusters from China, the build quality is superb.
    The Molex connectors are a really good idea, no more soldering on the LED chip.
    The color mix is very good, the corals looking better than ever before.

  • VERY cool

    by Don – 19th Mar 2014

    This piece gives a good color combination on 5 different channels so it can be fine tuned for your needs. The moles connectors with prewired leads plug into the Lumia and make connecting to a 5up Coralux board with LDDH drivers as easy as tightening a set screw. HIGHLY recommended.

  • Awesome

    by Unknown – 10th Mar 2014

    I recently ordered a few lumia 5.2's and all I can say is wow are these bright. I will be ordering more.

  • Finally!

    by Carl – 1st Feb 2014

    I recently purchased the 5.2 LED. everyone talks about the multi chip LED with the disco light effect. this one has none of that. I love the way that these guys have carefully considered all the little hiccups we had with other multi chips. this is a 70 watt LED. I have 2 Kessil 90 watts and this light blows away the 90 watt Kessil...It cost me $1400 to land these Kessils into Canada. for the results, I was not happy at all...ok but not happy. This 70 Watt is equivalent to other 100 watt multi-chip. but a much better colour spectrum. when I look at my marker pieces in my tank, (as I have some of these pieces for over 26 years), I know what the true colours are supposed to be. this 5.2 Led , let me see the true colours of my corals. Do not settle for anything else! These are amazing. I have wasted so much money on other lights. I will be purchasing more in the future and the beauty of it is that in my 48 x 48 x 30 deep aquarium, I have placed the 5.2 in the centre of my aquarium. It is about 12 inches above the aquarium and I am getting a 48 inch x 48 inch spread. I have the 2 Kessils in the front of the aquarium and 2 other LED's in the back of the aquarium so there is a total of 5 lights. I wish I could post a pic so I could show the coverage that I am getting. By far, this is the best colour spectrum I have seen. Not only that, but the good this is that you can run 2 of these chips on the same maker driver. I am sure I will be seeing a heavy savings on my electric bill! All the best to you guys...I am happy with this product. Just remember,,been there done that with all those Chinese LED's. Never have seemed to work for me. I had this piece completely assembled within the hour and running. Also, I love the adjustable Lens. Thumbs up! My only issue is that I hope that the owners will give us, the customers, the option of picking the shipping company we would like our product delivered by. The service from USPS to Canada Post is not the best. Please give up this option...we will pay for it. We just want it.