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CREE XT-E Royal Blue

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The XT-E is the replacement technology for the CREE XP-E using Cree's new silicon carbide wafers. They deliver more flux using less power. These are the base LEDs used in aquarium lighting as the blue light, adding in other colors to supplement if necessary.

We only stock bin Q04, the highest flux bin, and a 5nm wavelength distribution. These are the highest output and highest quality XT-E that can be purchased at this time.

Other Details

2.1w (700mA), 3.1w (1,000mA), 5w (1,500mA)
Max Drive Current:
Forward voltage:
3.0v (700mA), 3.15v (1,000mA), 3.3v (1,500mA)
Radiant flux:
1,050mW (700mA), 1,440mW (1,000mA), 1,950mW (1,500mA)
Peak wavelength:
Viewing angle:
Royal Blue
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There are 7 review(s) for CREE XT-E Royal Blue

  • do i really need to do this again

    by Unknown – 11th Nov 2015

    You guys all know its a quality product and led groupbuy is a quality vendor.

  • great

    by Unknown – 12th May 2015

    Never had a problem with Cree LEDs.

  • Nice Leds

    by Tom – 3rd Jan 2015

    The better leds arround at the moment. Nice strong and solid pcb.
    Works geat above corals but also make Neon tetra's pop in a fresh water tank.

  • value for money

    by nas – 15th Nov 2014

    It is best value for money
    I try many leds but i could not meet my needs

  • Affordable Reef Tank lighting

    by Your Name – 22nd May 2013

    This reef tank lighting gives you the light you need at a price you can afford. These lights use less energy, so you end up paying for less energy. These lights make my tank look awesome.

  • Even in a Planted Tank

    by Lee – 1st Mar 2013

    Built a system for a planted tank over a year ago and realized the cool white didn't bring out the color I wanted. Went with neutral white this time around and discovered I missed the crispy sparkle that royal blues provide. It's a fine line keeping a fresh water tank looking right though. These latest royal blues are so efficient, I was a bit surprised by how much stronger they were over the old CREE model (XRE I believe). I eventually found the best balance for freshwater to be a pairing of 1 XM-L neutral @ 1.7amps to 1 XT-E royal blue @ 350miliamps. I also added 4 OCW to the 350mA string over this 90 gallon tank for near perfection. Won't stop me from continuing to experiment though!

  • Bright Reef Tank LED

    by Your Name – 8th Feb 2013

    When you spend so much time putting together a gorgeous reef in your aquarium, you want the right lighting to make it glow. LED Group Buys provides affordable LED lighting that is perfect for your reef tank LED needs. Make the change to these bright LEDs so you can admire your reef everyday.