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Free LEDs

We are giving away $100 in LEDs!


Just finished an LED project on your aquarium but need a DIM4 sunrise sunset controller?  Need to add a little extra Royal Blue or True Violet to your fixture?  

LEDGroupBuy.com is giving away $100 of store credit to buy LEDs for your aquarium and its so easy to enter that you probably already done the work!


Go to your favorite forum, link LEDGroupBuy.com (or groupbuyled.com) and show the fixture you built and explain why you built it like you did and the parts you used.  


If you haven't made a fixture yet, you can create a thread that discusses the parts you will get from LEDGroupBuy.com and your fixture plans.

*IMPORTANT, LEDGroupBuy.com must be linked in the forum post. 


Step 2

Post a link to the thread you created on the forum at the LEDGroupBuy.com Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LEDGroupBuy/151449654908463

*** Bonus extra entry

Link a video of your fixture that has LEDGroupBuy.com in the video or in the description of the YouTube video on the Facebook page

*** Second bonus entry 

Review one of the products on LEDGroupBuy.com


Thats all you got to do!

Thats it, two simple steps to win $100 of free LEDs.


To get the highest chance of winning, you can create a thread on your favorite forum, create a video and link it on our Facebook page and write a review of one of the products on LEDGroupbuy.com.  That will get you 3 entries into the contest!  


Just to give you an idea how easy it is to win, the last contest we held for $100 only had about 8 entries so 1 in 8 chance for the winner!


*** Super bonus entry

If you can get LEDGroupBuy.com linked on a reef/marine review/news website, we will give you 5 additional entries into the contest!  Just link the posting on our Facebook page and email the submission you made to info@LEDGroupBuy.com. 


The winner will be announced November 1st 2011.