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MakersLED Designer Heatsink Kit - Professional Grade - Anodized

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Product Description

**Please note, the larger lengths (48" and 72" are custom and have an extended delivery time)

MakersLED is the only heatsink kit on the market that will give your DIY LED fixture a professional finished look. The unique t-slot features allow easy installation of LED’s and mounting. Its ability to be reconfigured allows you to tune in your light fixture according to your taste, needs, and budget at any time.


Included in the kit:

  • heat sink housing - Anodized
  • acrylic splash guard
  • two plastic end caps
  • four upper t-slot plugs
  • 92mm fan 12V [one per 12”]*
  • 92mm fan cover[one per 12”]
  • stainless steel assembly hardware [on exposed parts - used to mount plastics]
  • 4-40 screws and nuts, enough for 25 LED’s [per 12”]*
  • nylon washers, enough for 25 LED’s [per 12”]*
*The fans need basic 12v DC power.  To power them you can use:  Power Supplies + Adapter
*nano fixtures (6") include enough hardware for 12 LEDs. 
*18" fixtures come with only 1 fan
Please note:  There are no hanging kits or dowels provided with these kits.
International Shipments:  We ship these kits worldwide except for the 72" version.  For custom international shipping, please contact us at support@ledgroupbuy.com
How does it go together? See: http://makersled.com/?page_id=2#howto
Install walk through:  http://makersled.com/?p=396
Want to play with the 3D model in Google Sketchup?  Find it here: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/search?q=makersled&styp=m&scoring=t&btnG=Search
Need additional mounting hardware or fan?  Find it here:  MakersLED
To power the fans you can find power supplies here:  Power Supplies + Adapter
Need a good way to dim your drivers?  Find it here:  MakersLED Dimming Bar
Please note you do not need additional fan because the kit comes with a fan
Please note you do not need additional way to "protect" the LEDs because the kit comes with an acrylic splash guard
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Product Videos

DIY LED Heatsink that looks Professional (02:04)
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There are 25 review(s) for MakersLED Designer Heatsink Kit - Professional Grade - Anodized

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  • Love it.

    by Steve – 12th Sep 2012

    A real pro DIY heatsink, I have anodized them black http://i.imgur.com/N1wQT.jpg
    Would like to have at least the front or both end cover go up all the way to the top.

  • What an innovative product!

    by Jonathan Landis – 18th Aug 2012

    As a newbie to the DIY led's world I was very skeptical of this product. However my build was intimidating, seeing I was using 140 Led's. The heatsinks were very versatile. Placement of the Led's was very versatile. The combinations were endless. I definitely liked the way that the led's screwed onto the provided nuts. The end caps gave the unit a real proffessional and finished look. In addition the fans trim made the unit look like it was a store bought unit. Most of all the heatsink dissipates the heat so well that the unit stays at room temperature ( 76 Degrees, used with a temp gun.) The hanging possibilities are endless as well. This was a well made heatsink and would definitely recommend this product for the DIY Led enthusiasts out there. What a great product.

  • Easy, convinient and good looking!

    by Morgan – 2nd Jul 2012

    Got my MakersLED up and running in no time.
    Easy to assemble and very good looking.
    The cooling is awesome - i run XM-L @ 2,0A and the heatsink is cool to the touch.

  • Precision extrusion MakersLed heatsink

    by tedlietz – 30th Jun 2012

    I am impressed at the precision of the extrusion of MakersLed heatsink, everything fits without any modificatios..........I am currently running the fan off my solar cells,works great.

    Everything is up and running for the last 3 days at 50% of the max output,12 XT-E LEDs, 6 royal blues & cool white.

    very satisfied Ted

  • The best led DIY setup you can buy!

    by Jason – 27th Jun 2012

    This product is awesome! You can't beat the price and It looks great. I only thing I didn't like is, the fan didn't come with a power adapter. I may have over looked this option before buying, I'm not sure but hands down even without the power adapter, this is the best product for a led DIY.

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