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Meanwell LDD-1000HW LED Driver

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Product Description

**Update** - In stock and ready to ship

Small driver designed to deliver 2-52v.  Driver will be able to handle 1-16 average 3w LEDs when given enough power.

Dimming from 0-100% (unlike most power supply + drivers).  Drivers will take the LEDs all the way down until they are shut off.

Comes with wire leads for easy install.   Don't forget to get your DC power supply for these drivers here

Please note you cannot dim these LDD drivers with just a plain POT, you should use a controller that can do PWM dimming or use the MakersDRIVERS instead.

Other Details

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There are 3 review(s) for Meanwell LDD-1000HW LED Driver

  • Best fit driver for Arduino , Starts from 0.

    by Kollias Stathis – 9th May 2013

    Its increadible small size for driving 14 leds.
    The best advance is that the driver starts from 0 value.
    No need for relay like the other drivers.
    Best fit for arduino controller and XTE leds.
    I wish i could find these drivers to 2100 ma for XML.

  • Great driver, only PWM dimming FYI

    by Adam Pottebaum – 3rd May 2013

    This are great tiny drivers that deliver a punch. One of the best things about them is their ability to dim down all the way to 0, but only with a PWM signal. I've got an Apex controller that only signals with 0-10V dimming and needed to spend another $50 to buy a converter that changes the 0-10V to PWM. I found the right converter on stevesleds.com if anyone else needs it.

  • Best thing since sliced bread

    by Mike – 5th Mar 2013

    While these drivers are by no means "new" they seem to have been hiding somewhere on the internet and only recently have they really been pushed on us. If you're building an LED fixture with more than one channel, whether you want it controllable or not you want to use these. These drivers are so versatile it's scary, 1 LED? no problem. 14 LEDs no problem, you want dimming? We got that too! Strings that have different voltage requirements? Doesn't matter hook them all to the same power supply,. Power supply doesn't put out enough current? As long as you have extra voltage it'll make the necessary current with magic elves that are trapped inside!

    The only downside is that you need an external power supply for them, but to me that's not really a downside now I only need to buy one power supply to power 8 of these, instead of buying 8 power supplies one that comes with each driver.

    Having an build with two separate fixtures, and 8 channels spread between the two I saved considerable money going with these over the all-in-one driver/power units, probably close to $200. Only reason I would say don't buy these, is that they've been in short supply lately due to their instant popularity, so don't buy units that I might eventually buy!