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Ocean Coral White

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Product Description

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Ocean Coral White is meant to be an add-on to the base color of the Neutral White and Royal Blue combinations.


The LED combines 3 different custom wavelengths inside one board to allow you to improve the color of your corals and bring out the warmer colors.  They also bring out some magnificent colors in fish.  

The LEDs on the board are wired in series which needs 8.6v @ 500mA (40w 700mA driver and a POT will achieve this easily). If need be, each LED can also be separately wired to different drivers.

If you feel you are missing some color in corals from a DIY kit you have purchased, this Ocean Coral White board is the easiest way to bring the colors out that most kits neglect.

We recommend 4-6 of these boards per 24x24x24 area.

For more information on what Ocean Coral White can do for your tank, please take a peek at the Full Spectrum LED builds on Nano-reef: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=294733&st=0#entry3740354

For wiring of the Ocean Coral White, please look at picture 7 and 8 (press the > arrow) on this product page

Other Details

8.6v @ 500mA
Max Drive Current:
Star size:


There are 9 review(s) for Ocean Coral White

  • livraison rapide

    by Jacque – 2nd Dec 2014

    leds identiques a la description livraison rapide comme a chaque commande parfait

  • Nice color spectrum

    by David – 4th Feb 2014

    Nice color. Added them to my Royal Blu/Cool White to encourage SPS growth along with 4 660 reds and 4 495 turquoise.. I am seeing better growth (More upwards than outwards) On a 10 gal tank I use 2 of these paired with the Turquoise and Red with 90 degree lens at about 11 inches off the water along with 9 Royal blue and 6 Cool white 3w leds with 80 degree optics.

  • Reef Tank LEDs to Enhance Your Coral

    by John Y – 22nd Apr 2013

    These reef tank LED's will really enhance the color in your corals. I mixed this with white and blue like suggested and it really did make a huge difference in how my fish look. These lights have made a huge difference and I never want to go back.

  • RGB

    by Paul – 5th Apr 2013

    Obviously this is 3 leds on one star: Red, Green and Blue.
    Combined with regular 500ma leds on the same aluminum heat sink strip this will produce a lot of heat to that point compared to the rest in line.
    Keep that in mind.

  • Brilliant Addition

    by Dave – 31st Mar 2013

    I added 3 of them over my 75L, combined with the RB & W they make an amazing difference to the tank - just brilliant.

  • Bring Life to your Tank with LED Aquarium Lights

    by reeferdan – 10th Mar 2013

    What a great price for this amazing lighting. Make your fish and your coral look more beautiful than ever before. I love what a beautiful change this makes to my aquarium.

  • Beautiful Reef Tank Lighting

    by Your Name – 8th Feb 2013

    This reef tank lighting glows ever so lovely over your tank filled with the sea. LED Group Buy makes it easy for your aquarium to look gorgeous all the time with this lighting option. Change the way you see your reef with proper lighting!

  • Nice addition to CW/RB DIY lamp;o)

    by Dennis – 26th Aug 2012

    The - solder pad is placed close to the leds, takes some caution not to melt the leds, but thats minor.
    Really nice addition to the spectrum, on a 3yr old DIY build;o)

  • Good for added spectrum

    by Kyle – 7th Jul 2012

    Nice addition to 3NW and 6RB LEDs in an 8g Nano reef. It does leave red and turqoise shadows inside some of the rocks (this may be because the lights are 3 inches from the water) but it adds a nice addition to the lighting system. If you are putting these in a series make sure you solder the positive and negative wires to the correct point (I made this mistake and they did not work but Milad helped me to fix it)