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Philips Luxeon M Royal Blue - 12 Watt

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Product Description

This LED is the most powerful royal blue on the market, developed by Philips. The Luxeon M we carry is the top bin, cream of the crop M, producing 6,750mW of radiometric flux!  That’s 16% more than some of the other Luxeon M out there, and over quadruple the amount of light emitted by an XT-E or Rebel ES at the same current!


Pairing one Luxeon M with either two XT-E Neutral White or two Nichia high-CRI Neutral white and one XP-E2 blue will give you a ~14K look.


You can power up to eight of these power LEDs from a single Meanwell LDD driver at 1,000mA*.


Don't settle for less than the best!


*If you tune your power supply to at least 50v, then you can safely run four Luxeon M at 1,000mA on a single LDD driver.

Other Details

Max Drive Current:
Forward Voltage Range:
5.25-6.0v @ 2000mA


There are 2 review(s) for Philips Luxeon M Royal Blue - 12 Watt

  • Best of the best

    by E. Keith – 25th Sep 2016

    This is the best Blue/PAR cannon on the market. I use 4x of them on my 80 gallon reef and actually have to dim them down a bit to 80% - and I'm running light loving SPS that came from very brightly lit tanks. I just wish these were offered as X-RMs, e.g. 4x on a single aluminum core PCB.

  • Awsome and Bright

    by Csitt – 3rd Apr 2015

    The power to light output is great.