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Solderless CREE XM-L White

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**UPDATE**  Please note - We have small quantities left of this product, if system says its out of stock its because its been replaced with:   Solderless CREE XM-L2 White

The XM-L is Cree's single brightest LED diode. These are around 15% more efficient than the XT-E at the same currents, but can also be run up to 3,000mA. It can be used directly in place of the XT-E white, but keep in mind that since they emit more light, the light will be much whiter in appearance.


We only stock the highest bin codes for the XM-L, including the unlisted U3 bin in cool white, so you're always getting the most for your money.

Other Details

2w (700mA), 3w (1,000mA), 4.7w (1,500mA), 6.4w (2,000mA), 9.9w (3,000mA)
Max Drive Current:
Forward voltage:
2.9v (700mA), 3v (1,000mA), 3.1v (1,500mA), 3.2v (2,000mA), 3.3v (3,000mA)
Luminous flux (Cool white):
320lm (700mA), 444lm (1,000mA), 630lm (1,500mA), 791lm (2,000mA), 1,040lm (3,000mA)
Luminous flux (Neutral white):
260lm (700mA), 360lm (1,000mA), 511lm (1,500mA), 643lm (2,000mA), 845lm (3,000mA)
Luminous flux (Warm white):
220lm (700mA), 305lm (1,000mA), 433lm (1,500mA), 544lm (2,000mA), 715lm (3,000mA)
Viewing angle:
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There are 3 review(s) for Solderless CREE XM-L White

  • Part of my full spectrum reef tank leds

    by Robyn – 17th Oct 2013

    This reef tank LED is one of several in my current set-up. The install was a breeze thanks to not needing to solder. This light, in combination with a filter to focus the light has my reef looking great. The colors are so intense and vivid. I am very pleased with this product and am looking forward to using it for years to come.

  • High Quality Reef Tank Lighting

    by Dane – 29th Sep 2013

    High quality reef tank lighting can be hard to find. Luckily this site has everything I could ever want! The lights on this site are the best I have ever used. My aquarium looks beautiful! I absolutely love it.

  • In a few words, please title your review

    by Your Name – 13th Jul 2013

    Solderless aquarium lighting LED is a much easier way for me to set up the perfect lighting. My aquarium has never looked this good before. I really cannot believe what a difference these LED's make. I combined this white LED with a royal blue and my reefs really pop. I am definitely a happy camper and will return to this site in the future.