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  • CREE XML2 White Solderless
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Solderless CREE XM-L2 White

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**UPDATE**  In stock and shipping daily - Warm White version to start shipping April 2nd 2015

The XM-L2 is the successor to the XM-L, which was Cree's single brightest LED diode. The XM-L2 gets a binning bump and hot binning (85°C), which increases flux over the XM-L by nearly 10% at the same current. It can be used directly in place of the XT-E white, but keep in mind that since they emit more light, the light will be much whiter in appearance since the XM-L2 is around 20% more efficient.


We only stock the highest bin codes for the XM-L2, so you're always getting the most for your money.

Other Details

2w (700mA), 2.9w (1,000mA), 4.6w (1,500mA), 6.3w (2,000mA), 9.9w (3,000mA)
Max Drive Current:
Forward voltage:
2.85v (700mA), 2.9v (1,000mA), 3.05v (1,500mA), 3.15v (2,000mA), 3.3v (3,000mA)
Luminous flux (Cool white):
300lm (700mA), 412lm (1,000mA), 580lm (1,500mA), 728lm (2,000mA), 975lm (3,000mA)
Luminous flux (Neutral white):
280lm (700mA), 385lm (1,000mA), 541lm (1,500mA), 679lm (2,000mA), 910lm (3,000mA)
Luminous flux (Warm white):
240lm (700mA), 330lm (1,000mA), 464lm (1,500mA), 582lm (2,000mA), 780lm (3,000mA)
Viewing angle:
Star Size:


There are 2 review(s) for Solderless CREE XM-L2 White

  • im still seeing spots

    by cameron – 24th Mar 2014

    These were remarkably brighter than I had imagined. 1 Neutral white to 4 royal blues is still too white for my taste. I was going to buy 2. Very glad I didn't (12 gallon nano tank) as I would need a lot more rb. Awesome bright flawless product. At 1 amp these are bright. At 3, well let's just say you need sun glasses to look at the tank. Defintely would recommend this and I now understand the cost. Worth every penny!

  • easiest xmls ever

    by chris – 26th Feb 2014

    These are totally worth the extra money. I was able to install a whole string with ballasts in a half hour. I had never seen them solderless before here. No worry of shorting bulbs (I blew a whole string of xpgs the other day worth 50$). I have another tank next to this one with XML series one and these are way brighter.