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Solderless Hyper Violet LED - 430nm

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Product Description

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Often mistaken for UV LED, this 430nm LED is in the perfect range for coral growth and fluorescence

Combine this with the CREE XT-E Royal Blue, which runs at 455nm, to get the perfect range of Violet / Royal Blue for your corals to make them really "pop"

These 430nm LEDs run at 880-960mW radiant power @ 700mA


Please use 18-24AWG stranded or solid wire to easily insert into the solderless connector - make sure you strip the wire.  To remove the wire, use a need/staple and poke the hole above where the wire is inserted (we recommend Solid Wire 24awg (300 volt) - 25 feet - White


These LEDs will look dim to you because of their 430nm wavelength which is almost outside the range your eyes can see but they will provide incredible PAR for corals.

Best driver to use for these (6-14 LEDs) is a 40w 700mA Inventroincs driver.  If you need help choosing a driver, feel free to contact us.

Other Details

Max Drive Current:
Forward voltage (@ 700 mA):
Min 3.0v Max 3.6v
Light Intensity:
880mW - 960mW
Wave Length:
Viewing angle:
Hyper Violet
Star Size:
20x30mm Solderless Board


There are 6 review(s) for Solderless Hyper Violet LED - 430nm

  • Excellent

    by Chris – 29th Jan 2014

    Stringing LEDs made simple. Gotta love it.

  • Effective reef tank LED

    by Jim – 7th Oct 2013

    I just set up my first tank. At the advice of a friend I used this reef tank LED to encourage growth/fluorescence of my coral. It has worked really well. My tank is very healthy and looks beautiful. This light wavelength really does make the color of my reef pop.

  • Convenient Reef Tank LED

    by Brandon – 15th Aug 2013

    This is a great reef tank LED. It is so convenient that it is solderless. I don't necessarily mind soldering. But it is definitely easier to not have to do it! I'll definitely order more!

  • LED Aquarium Lights That You Will Love

    by Your Name – 22nd May 2013

    You will love these LED aquarium lights. My corals have never looked better. I would definitely combine these with the royal blue, it makes a huge difference.

  • Outstanding Aquarium Lighting LED

    by JakeR2 – 10th Mar 2013

    Make your aquarium come to life with this amazing lighting. You can't go wrong with this price, and what a great addition it makes to your tank. I get so many compliments on my aquarium now.

  • You Can't go wrong with these LED's

    by Phil – 19th Jan 2013

    Better then soldering! String the lights together is straight forward, beautiful color, nice color wavelength if your looking to make your corals really pop. LED Group buy's Cree solderless LED's are the best around. I got tired of soldering, so I which to these babies their worth the effort, cuts down the time to put together an aquarium LED system. Would recommend!