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Solderless Ocean Coral White

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Product Description

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The Solderless Ocean Coral White is meant to be an add-on to the base color of the Neutral White and Royal Blue combinations.


The LED combines 3 different custom wavelengths inside one board to allow you to improve the color of your corals and bring out the warmer colors.  They also bring out some magnificent colors in fish.

The LEDs on the board if wired in series will need 9.2v @ 700mA (40w 700mA driver and a POT will achieve this easily). If need be, each LED can also be separately wired to different drivers.

660nm is 2.2v @700mA

495nm is 3.5v @ 700mA

470nm is 3.5v @ 700mA

If you feel you are missing some color in corals from a DIY kit you have purchased, this Ocean Coral White board is the easiest way to bring the colors out that most kits neglect.

We recommend 4-6 of these boards per 24x24x24 area.

The lens for the Ocean Coral White can be found at: 3up XTE Optic

Pictures show the lens but a lens does not come with the LEDs.

For more information on what Ocean Coral White can do for your tank, please take a peek at the Full Spectrum LED builds on Nano-reef: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=294733&st=0#entry3740354

Wiring the OCW in series:

Other Details

9v @ 700mA
Max Drive Current:
Star size:
Primary lens:
120 degrees


There are 4 review(s) for Solderless Ocean Coral White

  • Better than expected

    by Marc Marini – 27th Jan 2014

    these work well and really do improve the color of your tank
    the connectors weren't that much of a problem i also like the fact that you can address each color individually if you want or all at once works for me

  • Beautiful reef tank lighting!

    by Erica – 7th Oct 2013

    This reef tank lighting is beautiful. The color of my corals really pop under the light from this LED. I love that it is solderless. Set-up was really a breeze. Just snapped in a couple of connectors and was good to go.

  • Fine Board, but Connector Issue

    by Ralph S. – 8th Jul 2013

    Nice product overall, but two out of six connectors would not allow the wire to enter. The fix was to insert a micro screwdriver into the opening (required quite a bit of force) then insert the wire.

  • Connector problems

    by Mike Mann – 10th Jun 2013

    These light good, but I had a lot of problems with the connectors. First, they are not labeled. Not a huge problem, but kind of a pain in the butt to test and label. More importantly, I couldn't get 24ga solid wire to insert in most of the terminals. I tried "resetting" the clips by using a tiny screwdriver and nothing I did worked. I had no problems with any of the other solderless LEDs I purchased. I would highly recommend getting the separate colors if you have room.

    One positive was the optics. The optics have little pins that fit into LEDs so they lay perfectly on them.