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Your Premier Source for Affordable Reef Tank Lighting


You can spend a lot of time and money on your aquarium, but without proper lighting, you won't get the kind of results that you want. Reef tank lighting is not only important to the look of your aquarium, but also the functionality. Light can have major effects on your animals and your photosynthetic plant life. Here at LED Group Buy, we specialize in providing lighting solutions for every kind of aquarium and need, at affordable prices.

No two aquariums are exactly alike, so there is not one lighting solution that will work for everyone. That is exactly why we have such a wide variety of reef tank LEDs for you to choose from. Our vast collection allows you to find the perfect solution for all of the animal and plant life that you have in your aquarium. You may be wondering why we mainly focus on LED aquarium lights, rather than more traditional options. The answer is that LEDs are by far the most energy efficient option out there. These lights will save you money AND give you outstanding results. LED lights also have the capabilities to support many different species and their light requirements. However, you should know that there are lighting options designed specifically for certain environments, so keep that in mind when you are choosing your lighting.

A key piece to lighting your tank with LEDs is to have a reliable constant current LED driver. LEDs require a constant source of power in order to work at their full potential. We have a wide variety of the best constant current drivers that can keep your LEDs at a steady level of brightness, no matter what kind of power supply that you use.

We are your premier source for everything that you need to keep your aquarium running beautifully, and to keep healthy all of the plant and animal life that it contains. We offer amazing prices and the best selection. Shop with us today.