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CREE Lumia 5.2 105W Planted Tank LED 5 Channel - Planted Tank Version

CREE Lumia 5.2 105W Planted Tank LED 5 Channel - Planted Tank Version

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This exclusive 105w LED, the CREE Lumia 5.2 Planted Tank LED, is perfect if you want a simple yet powerful way to setup your LED lighting for growing plants in a display environment. Lumia, meaning art created with light, brings custom LED wavelengths developed by our researchers to provide better results than any other LED for plant growth with an emphasis on keeping power consumption low. We have taken our experiencing in designing fixtures for commercial and DIY customers and developed a chip that delivers the perfect wavelengths for plant flowering and vegetation in a small footprint on a high end solid copper board designed to out perform other LEDs in its class.  The board itself has a strong role in this LEDs perfection by reducing the heat of the LEDs so quickly they can produce their highest amount of light and last a very long time. Expect to use only 1-2 of these high performance LEDs per 24x24 area in most scenarios. Each channel is individually addressable (they can be individually dimmed) so you can adjust the perfect color for your tank. What sets this Lumia apart? This Lumia is designed for plants that are out for display.  With its unique set of white LEDs you can pin point the exact color and amount of light your plants need for optimal growth.  You have the power to control the light. **Please note pictures are not of actual LED layout  Layout: Channel 1 - XT-E Warm White 2700K (16V @ 1500mA)  Channel 2 - XT-E Warm White 3200K (16V @ 1500mA)  Channel 3 - 3x 660nm Deep Red 2x XT-E Royal Blue  (13V @ 700mA) Channel 4 - XT-E Cool White 5000K (16V @ 1500mA)  Channel 5 - XT-E Cool White 6000K (16V @ 1500mA)    This full spectrum LED chip is designed with exclusive Exotic LEDs.  Its also designed to fit perfectly on your MakersLED Heatsink FAQ Q:  Why is there Warm White LEDs on the chip? A:  We have done a lot of research to identify the best combination of wavelengths to provide growth and overall color.  The Warm White LED is designed to mimic a high noon effect to stimulate growth. Q:  Which connectors do I need? A:  If you have one of these Lumia in series then you just need the "dual Molex connectors".  If you have 2 or more in series (usually it would only be two) then you need one of the "dual Molex connectors" and then one of the "Molex interconnects" per additional LED in series.  Q:  What do I need to power the Lumia? A:  There are several different ways to power the Lumia.  Some standard ways are covered in the arcticle located: Q:  Why should I choose the Lumia? A:  We take pride in making sure our customers get the best performance at the lowest cost. The LEDs we implement in the Lumia are of the top grade and some are only available from LEDgroupbuy such as the 730nm and 600nm strings.  Don't settle for sub par LEDs that will only last a couple months.    105W CREE Lumia 5.2 Planted Tank LED spectral chart:      

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