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Exotic True Violet LED - 410nm

Exotic True Violet LED - 410nm

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**Update** Discontinued.  Replacement: Exotic Hyper Violet LED - 430nm Often misnamed as UV LEDs, these violets emit almost no radiation below 400nm (the cutoff between violet and ultraviolet) and peak at ~410nm. We have these LEDs custom made for us, and they are some of the most efficient violet LEDs on the market, emitting 640-680mW of flux.   Human eyes are not sensitive to violet light, but while these appear very dim to us, they pack quite a punch. The little violet light that we can see from them is drowned out when other LEDs are on, so you do not have to worry about having an overly purple-looking light.   When powered alone or alongside royal blue and blue LEDs extreme fluorescence can be elicited from corals, and combined with the rest of the LEDs these help give plenty of PAR for growth. Use 4-8x per 24"x24" area.

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