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Hyper (Far) Red - 730nm

Hyper (Far) Red - 730nm

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**UPDATE** In stock and ready to ship. 730nm is a hyper red (somtimes known as a far red).  It is desigend to mimic the end of a sunset to relax plants/corals.  In nature it is this Far Red 730nm wavelength that triggers the Phytochrome, or flowering response, to occur within seconds of sensing that wavelength exclusively as the sun sets over the horizon.   Please note you do not need additional optics for these LEDs as they come with the optic of your choice. Best driver to use for these (15-44 LEDs) is a 40w 450mA Inventroincs driver tuned down to about 400ma using a POT.  If you need help choosing a driver, feel free to contact us.

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