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MakersLED CONTROLLER - Sunrise / Sunset controller for MakersDRIVER

MakersLED CONTROLLER - Sunrise / Sunset controller for MakersDRIVER

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The MakersCONTROLLER works in combination with MakersDRIVER(s) to create sunrise, sunset and other special effects throughout the day. Once the color ratios have been independently dialed in on the MakersDRIVER knobs, the MakersCONTROLLER scales those ratios up and down to match a user defined schedule.   Included: One MakersCONTROLLER with integrated 10ft Cable Two 3.5mm 18” Data Cables (for daisy chaining multiple MakersDRIVERs) Features: Simulates a natural environment by adjusting the the intensity of your MakersDRIVER(s) according to a user defined schedule Simulates sunrise, sunlight, sunset, and moonlight Provides a single remote control point to virtually an unlimited number of MakersDRIVER(s)* Special Effects include lunar cycle, noon peak, and basic cloud cover Demo/Preview mode provides a means to quickly scroll through every minute of the day to preview and verify your settings Installation is as simple as plugging in a single cable into the MakersDRIVER Powered from the MakersDRIVER - requires no external power source or additional cables Provides 5 channels of remote control for special effects Integrated clips to mount to the side of the MakersLED heatsink Integrated screw tabs for wall mounting and hanging Simple programming & menu structure:         * Each MakersDRIVER acts as an active signal repeater. The MakersCONTROLLER has been tested with 21 MakersDRIVERs using 1.5ft and 24ft cables cables.   Not Included:MakersDRIVER, Power Supply, Wall Mounting Hardware   View the Users Manual

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