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Ocean Coral White

Ocean Coral White

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** UPDATE ** Shipping daily Ocean Coral White is meant to be an add-on to the base color of the Neutral White and Royal Blue combinations. The LED combines 3 different custom wavelengths inside one board to allow you to improve the color of your corals and bring out the warmer colors.  They also bring out some magnificent colors in fish.   The LEDs on the board are wired in series which needs 8.6v @ 500mA (40w 700mA driver and a POT will achieve this easily). If need be, each LED can also be separately wired to different drivers. If you feel you are missing some color in corals from a DIY kit you have purchased, this Ocean Coral White board is the easiest way to bring the colors out that most kits neglect. We recommend 4-6 of these boards per 24x24x24 area. For more information on what Ocean Coral White can do for your tank, please take a peek at the Full Spectrum LED builds on Nano-reef: For wiring of the Ocean Coral White, please look at picture 7 and 8 (press the > arrow) on this product page

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