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Solderless CREE XP-E2 Blue

Solderless CREE XP-E2 Blue

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This is the update to the XP-E line based on Cree's new silicon carbide wafer. The LEDs now have a lower voltage and got a bin bump, meaning that they emit more light and take less energy to do so.   The XP-E2 blue should be used in combination with neutral white and royal blue over reef aquariums. Use one XP-E2 blue for every four XT-E royal blue or every one Luxeon M royal blue for a ~14K look. Using more than that can be detrimental, as our eyes can pick blue out much better than royal blue and the color of the light can quickly turn into a Windex blue.   Please use 18-24AWG stranded or solid wire to easily insert into the solderless connector - make sure you strip the wire.  To remove the wire, use a need/staple and poke the hole above where the wire is inserted (we recommend Solid Wire 24awg (300 volt) - 25 feet - White)

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