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Storm 10V Converter

Storm 10V Converter

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The Storm controller was originally designed for use with Meanwell LDD drivers, which only use 5v PWM dimming, however many users do not wish to swap out their 0-10v analog Meanwell ELN-D or Inventronics drivers in favor of an LDD + power supply setup.   This converter solves that problem, taking the 5v PWM signal from the Storm and converts it to a 0-10v analog signal, making it compatible with these legacy drivers. You will not have the full 0-100% dimming like you would with LDD drivers, but you will be able to take advantage of most of the advanced features of the Storm*.   Included is a 12v power supply, this needs to be used in place of the 9v supply that comes with the Storm, as the 10v converter needs the additional voltage.   *Cloud cover/storms do not work as well due to the higher response time of the ELN and Inventronics drivers, for best results you should switch to using LDD drivers.

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